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another happy customer of mine..
Dear tstmary,
Linda thank you so so very much for sending wig earlier, I was so happy to get it, I love it and no no no no no you not getting it back !!!...LoL It is truly beautiful and just the way you were showing it , Thank you again !!! I would like to ask you if you ever will get another one of those and in a lighter color or any with lighter highlights, please let me know ) I am dark blonde and would love to have similar one but lighter or any other , anyway thank you girlie , I am happy )))) xox
- lelik00777
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I own Freeda brand rina long-1-Shevy pro 24 inch long Ive sold my older shevy wigs on ebay. Aura's oxford, and madrid.
I just went to BH wigs here in Ny. At first when asked about doing my hair cut, had 2 with me. They thought the piece was theirs, at first i did not say much-then i told them its not yours its from ebay-funny huh? The look was shock- you bought this one on ebay?  I did get a cut and style in yours there-and Its holding the style very well. Its only been a couple days. I think its all in how someone cuts and curls the hair. Nothing to do with hair type. Yours looks identical to the ones they sell for a bit more. (400 more _+ haircut you do pay for) so I saved lots of money & had it cut the way I wanted, In a salon. Professionally makes a huge diffrence. They would of done highlights too.
But honestly, your wigs are identical I did not see or feel any diffrence at all. That is why Im not understanding why everyone talks so much about all the diffrent hair types. Whats the deal with all this?  So, what the hell is on our wigs or any truth in any advertising anyhow they say what they want you to hear and buy. I have purchased  many European wigs for thousands and they are garbage. Its all ridiculous .
Hey,  Actually your cap fit me much better.
I do also have some ancient Georgie brand, Jacquelyn, Judy brand
I have had them around 10 years . I dont wear much. The caps dont look so hot but they are still wearable. Back 10 and 15 years ago, ebay was flooded with lots of jacquelyn wigs etc. Nothing like the new caps styles today. and back then the prices were 400 and up too. So in this economy why are wigs so much less now that they were back then? I think its competetion and the internet changed the way we purchase , we go direct now cutting out the middle men. Sad for retailers, good for me.
I really love yours . Im happy and I dont know who would complain. It has to be a scham, Serina motive was to discredit you . I do see that. I stand by you 100 percent. Anything you need, Ask me. You know  where I am?Brooklyn, so, when you do come here`` I can get you *connected*, basically whaterver you need.

The tstmary wigs I love so much. I cannot believe you have been so viciously attacked.
I hope that people will be able to see thru her.
She is obviously out for attention and shes mentally ill.
I know alot about that since I happen to be in medical field. Even the employess that work there are seriously ill.
So sorry someone as nice as you had to endure that type of hatred.
Its discraceful.
I am a huge fan. I love your videos PLEASE stay around forever, I need you.

I have to say that Linda is one of the "good ones" out there. NOt only is she open and honest about what she is selling, she offers a no-hassle money back guarantee. Let's you try the wig and if not the right fit, color, etc.. she allows you to send it back. She is passionate about what she does and it's a shame that some try to give her a bad name. for those such as myself who are suffering through progressive hair loss, this is truly a blessing. I was able to try a few wigs and although they did not work for me, I am waiting for just the right one to purchase from her. She's been great about answering all my questions and has been very patient and helpful in every way. I cannot say enough good things about her and her amazing sheitels!  Oh and her videos are not only informative but are very entertaining!!!

Tstmary, First off, Thank you for selling me the most beautiful wig I will buy all of the ones you still have, Im very serious. Please, can we talk on phone, or email or facebook.
If you can do the same price on the rest of the long ones was about 430 and I ready to buy tonight. Please email you I try to reach you by facebook. its Ana.. or Anina-zach@gmail I did send you emails.

I must say the BEST Sheitel Macher i ever went to was Randi Sheitel Macher when she was in Brooklyn, Avenue M.  She was not only educated in the sheitels but warm, honest and personable.  Randi would not sell any of her sheitels that did not live up to her standars, they went back to her distribution to be be redone.  She was endorsed by the Rabbi certifying the wigs to be Kosher as well.  Randi had the best personal touch and made me feel so comfortable with my sheitel and the BEST hair cut.  She has been a licensed hair stylist for more than 25 years and knows her craft.  I am looking for Randi, heard she moved but might be around.  If anyone knows her whereabouts, please post it.
Thank you
tstmary - review from cus
i didnt want to put her whole name in case she may not want the review here but its on my facebook page in case you are a subscriber to me on facebook....  i really do this for one reason.. maybe im trying to reach out and feel i make some sort of diffrence in the world in lives of people i do not know.. i am not in a financial position to do philanthropy ..  however if i were.. that is my dream job.. just give people things and make them happy.. i want to be like oprah .. but dont have her $.. so this is a close second? as a yonung child i was very selfish and something changed in me.. and i look back and think.. how the heck did i become so perfect?? (kidding.. just kidding.. hahahah .. lol) but seriously .. i love my customers.. i really do .. and hearing the kind words .. well.. its priceless.. ok.. priceless..

Dear Linda;

1. you rock
2. let me explain why.

From the get go, I could tell that you were an incredibly honest person -- from the way you speak so candidly in your videos and from the way you show your customers the TOP quality of your sheitals by trying them on and moving around with them. I subscribed to you on youtube a while back because I'm really into sheitals and your pricing is unheard of.
I wouldn't normally just send money through paypal to a total stranger for a sheital bc normally you go to a sheital shop try it on, and think about it for a at least a week. That being said, I paid probably less than 1/4 of what I should have paid for the 30'' virgin hair kosher certified multi-directional sheital which I had in my hands 2 days after making the payment.
By the way, I paid $700 for the "julia" wig on sale (processed european hair) from Milano which is good quality but my julia is not even comparable to yours. Oh, and for a sheital like the one you sent me? I probably would have to save up for YEARS to get it something similar from Milano or Shuly.
Taking a gamble by paying for it before trying it on was scary at first but TOTALLY worth it. When my husband saw the wig he said "WOW -- dont return it" (bc I assured him about the 15 day money back guarantee and he was originally very against me buying yet another wig).
So, all that being said, you are not only an HONEST seller who sells well below what you should but the quality of your sheitals is undeniable. I will be posting pics of my beautiful sheital once I get it cut and styled (which I like because I am working with a beautiful 30'' blank canvas bc its not a precut). Anyways, that's my feedback and I am SO glad that I found you!!!!!!!!!

R__lia Elbaz
you guys know im really out to share and spread information .. and i want to keep saying things to help you understand the meaning of what i keep saying...
its confusing.. but  the more i think about things..just using this as an example that realy happenned.. and i can proove by email correspondance and my paypal payments.. so you guys already know i am honest, here are my paypal payments to the woman that i was so mad at.
the wigs fell apart and i was very very upset to pay even those ammounts for crap... i mean my wig pro synthetics were way better.. am i lying.. ?? no way , there is no use.. her 4 customers compared to my already 400 customers.
i dont give a crap.  i am doing just fine... lol but the truth... oh , i wont ever stop telling the "truth.. go see bottom of this post for the actual TRUTH.

the attacks against me continue coming in from ip addys in canda and israel
why would i assume its her when all the other posts in forums are associated side by side with her name and her companies  all i want u people to know about me , is that i was a consumer before i began selling ,
ive owned many top brands spending thousands..
this was just one mere person i tried, over and over, only to have huge dissappointments again, and again,
so you other people judging me and criticizing me ,, well.. i have a REASON TO POST THIS AND TO SAY THE TRUTH ABOUT MY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES. THIS IS A REVIEW FORUM TO SHARE INFO.
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Isadore Sternhill
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Isadore Sternhill
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tstmary review(linda)
this is what i want to hear from my customers. and this is the only thing i shoud ever hear. please dont ever confuse me with any other sellers on ebay right now there are some  things going on and i am clearly only by myself with no affiliation with other sellers and or .. im alone.. i am tstmary on ebay .. i do not have any affiliations with any other seller, even if they tell you this.
its a flat out lie.

4:35pm Sep 6
Hi, my friend I hope you are having a great day!! I am so so happy about my purchase.....I just want to let you know this has changed my life!!!!! The hair is amazing. I am going to send pics to your hotmail and a detailed letter of how great this is and how great you are....would post it from my facebook BUT nobody knows I am wearing a Will send to your hotmail for you to share this weekend.....have a great day and thank thank you thank you!

Hi,This is Marsha,I just bought a gorgeous XLONG EHH Sheitel from
TSTMARY tonight & am already in love with it! It is so sleek,and now I really understand what she means by liquid silk,it is like liquid satin ribbons to me.
It is luxurious,so smooth,so soft,so gentle to the touch !

it was a great pleasure to actually finally meet marsha in person tonight after our many emails etc... she is a very intelligent and beautiful person.. i look forward to seeing her in the future and helping her in any way possible.. her family is also very wonderful, i had the pleasure to meet them as well.. and her sister is a very famous acomplished dentist here inpalm beach too.. and i know marsha doesnt want to toot her own horn.. but she is a very acomplished violinist / musician, and one day i hope to see her performance in a venue .. i also love classical music, although i am more easy listening/jazz big band swing at home..
driving in the car .. i have been known to listen to a bit of metallica now and then... however, variety is the spice of life.. so.. it was a pleasure to meet you marsha.. and im sure we will keep in touch .. let me know how everything goes on sunday and have a fun day... xooxox
All the wigs from linda are top notch she has nothing to proove to anyone. Let the nasayers fall away .
I give you the reference here and now, If you want something natural, beautiful that does not shed, and look wiggish, Linda is the only person that is honest and has integrity. She treats me with the best customer service. I wont ever buy another wig from any seller. This is why im posting here. I want her to know I stand with her. I think she took business from many people/sellers. That is tough crap. Lower your prices and we buy some from you too, NOT. So, I will only buy her wigs because nothing ever happenned to mine and its a year old. Its not shedding. It does not make the knots like all my other crap wigs have done. What she says in her videos is the truth. Take it or leave it.
tstmary - so busy guys


so the customerss cap worked out to fit wonderfull with a "wig grip" shes used to wearing high end wigs such as milano, (ha)etc.. etc..
i will try and get you guys the wig grips at cost and just sell them at cost.. i also think theres a terrible markup on those now too.. let me do some research. , tstmary!

Rachel-zHYPERLINK \l ""

Dear Linda, I put on a "wig grip" and saw that it fit snug and amazing. I went to my hairdresser who was amazed at the quality of the wig. She cut and styled the wig (no bangs but angling in the front) and it looks AMAZING. Truth is, as much as I was not 100%sure, when it the layers were redone it looked fabulous, like a 3000$ wig type fabulous. Im so sorry for all the trouble in the beginning when I was unsure. Anyways, thank you again and when people comment on how beautiful it is - im sure people will, I will send them to you!!!!!! All the best and have a GREEAT weekend!

A wig grip is a silicone band that's sticks to the scalp and the inside of the cap to make the wigh tighter or stop it slipping on the head - can also be a sort of in-built velvety sewn-in band in some makes.
I'm not sure if it works with bio hair but I'm guessing the velvet one does as (I think) it's an option with Milano wigs. I have pics somewhere.

The silicone is the sort of stuff that's used on hold-up stockings.
We can buy it here by the yard from a hair/wig supplies place and that's about half the price of silicone bands from the internet, approx $30
There's a lot of fear about looking after human hair wigs to keep them looking their best.

I read about this on

There are easy ways to wash, condition and set toppers and wigs at home, using basic equipment, without paying big bucks to have this done.

Could we start a Tips and Hints page to share what works for us, recommended products etc ?
Just reading about Freeda wigs, I do own a Freeda and the hair is ok, it does knot sometimes, ok, however, I wanted to point out while on the Freeda site,
If you notice how they showcase the Sheitels. The fancy looking (much  younger) women, beautifully designed and decorated sets, fancy beautiful expensive clothing, And note the happy poses, Making me think in my mind, how ,  in the Freeda wig I'll  be hopping & dancing around happily. Very smart marketing Techniques. That is not realistic for me. I want to see them on mannequin heads.
Or, at least on women that look a bit more imperfect. That is really something i did not notice before, until it was pointed out to me.
I was trying to custom order from someone, very nice, did not do custom wigs however, she mentioned that she would not ask to duplicate any photograph because its not going to look like that on my  head. Its a marketing technique.
Now when I go back and look, and think about the photo's a bit more, I see it. I dont look  like they do, I dont dress like that, n my home is not as luxurious.
Maybe always ask for additonal photos of the wigs taken on mannequin heads outside, as Tstmary does for me. I really did make my purchase based on reviews and most important , real untouched photos.
Who else does that , I thought it would be the normal by now. Anyways I do reccommend Freeda if you can afford. Mine was a discounted item. However its very nice. I would have prefered more hair on the cap. It is a little on the thin side. Im considering switching over to the new all hand tied caps Linda is going to be selling. Is it just me, or do you feel more peace of mind in an all hand tied vs regular wefts on the net?  And why are all wigs made now not fully hand tied vs the wefts being added to the cap. Appreciate your feedback.

Yes Fannili, very good points. I totally agree. Beth

I bought one of Linda's 18 inch #4s earlier this week and it arrived here within a few days. Well done Linda and USPS!

The hair is gorgeous, the cap is a perfect fit (small) ......and, and...... the colour #4 is too dark for me, darn!

So it'll have to be sent back to Linda. I'll try again when the new stock comes in (that dark blonde topper colour is what I need).

But for anyone considering one of these little beauties, assuming they haven't been sold already - it's a winner!!!
tstmary review.. again.
Dear Linda, I put on a "wig grip" and saw that it fit snug and amazing. I went to my hairdresser who was amazed at the quality of the wig. She cut and styled the wig (no bangs but angling in the front) and it looks AMAZING. Truth is, as much as I was not 100%sure, when it the layers were redone it looked fabulous, like a 3000$ wig type fabulous. Im so sorry for all the trouble in the beginning when I was unsure. Anyways, thank you again and when people comment on how beautiful it is - im sure people will, I will send them to you!!!!!! All the best

i do have her photos but i have to ask if ok to post,, i am posting alot now in my folder, if you guys can send me photos (my customers) and you want me to block out your face, i will do that, i have a file on my picasa web album im trying to get mod to figure out how to let me post my link here, it keeps rejecting the link.. strange, i put other links here all the time.. so ill try and get the link posted,, xoxoxoxxox
this helps you guys to see and understand its a blank canvas..  you take it for someone to cut it the way you want,, and it changes everything.. xoox
About thinning the sides of wigs, what a difference that makes to the natural look of the wig.
Last week I went with a friend to have 2 of hers styled, one with bangs and one without, and what made all the difference for her was for the heavy sides to be thinned out.
The other wig was already layered at the sides and that really makes the style her own, just what Linda advises, a bit of height on top and careful styling around the face can take years off us.
I wanted to report back on the wig grip I bought. For me, I don't think it's the right thing.I like to wear my wig super, super flat and conforming to the head. When I wear the grip, although there is no bump or rising under the wig where the wig grip lays, per se, I feel the overall look of the wig is not as flat all over and around my head when the grip is on. Maybe also because I wear my wig without bangs and with minimal styling (kind of a stick straight look) -- so maybe because of that there is a greater need for it to be super flat. That's just me. I know it works for others.

Maybe if I play around more with it in different positions or if I can find a flatter one, but most likely for me this isn't the right thing. I'll probably just stick with the snap combs and front comb when I need more security. If II can find a flatter one or a better position for it, I'll report back with an update. Beth
Linda said "im finding my mongolian wigs i have now, are getting fuller or thicker with daily wear, such as when i wear to work, now mind you i work outside in the hot florida sun, and i am out there for hours,
and i am sweatting so much, that im wet, soaked, and my wigs are wet, soaked and hot, hot hot.
so, not many ppl have this type of daily use.. but i do, so i call it my sheitel testing ground, and the shorter 18 inch i kept recently was getting thicker after a few wearings at my work outside in the sun, when get home, i wash, condition and blow out, now, its like new again, but in process of wearing it, it was thickening up.. not tangle, matting up , but thicker, hard to xplain,"

I know exactly what yoiu mean, all my human hair wigs start out fresh, silky and shiny straight after a wash then wearing them picks up all siorts of stuff from the atmosphere plus our own perspiration, fumes from cooking and well, just living a normal life etc - so they do become 'thicker' as the days go by. A wash and condition and air dry (in my case) and they're brand new again.

It is also possible to leave too much product in the hair during the washing process (shampoo, conditioner, heat defence spray etc) and I know this residue will attract environmental dirt more quickly. So I only use diluted shampoo and conditioner in a bowl of tepid water to wash and condition my pieces, with a final cold water rinse to close cuticles.
tstmary review
Thank you for the incredible price & the quality is outstanding! All your wigs I've tried have been great but the color/cap hadn't worked out. This one: PERFECT! I'd be happy to do review. Want me email it?
 via Like
from jennifer monaco
here is her full review she posted on my fb page
Jennifer Monaco Baker posted on your time
"As someone who’s worn hair 20+ years, I've experienced the good, bad, and ugly side of the hair replacement industry. From dishonest retailers to overpriced cheap hair, it’s been a nightmare. So on the rare occasion I’m able to find a genuine seller with affordable, high-quality hair; I jump at the chance to buy. When I initially saw Linda’s Wigs online, I’ll admit I was hesitant as my other online hair purchases didn't fare so well. But she offers a 15-day money back return policy (very rare, no one else does this) so I figured, what do I have to lose? Well, turns out nothing! Because this is THE best hair! It’s gorgeous, silky and smooth. You know that Pantene shampoo commercial with the pretty brunette model that has beautiful, luxurious, head-turning hair? Yep, that’s what I now have too, thanks to Linda, and I love it! So Ladies, do yourselves a favor, save a ton of money and frustration - stop buying from the rest, and buy the best!"
Reply to this email to comment on this post.

i sent her a new 100% european hair wig, she wears the best ones, so she was thrilled and wants another.. it was one of my new 32  inch long beauties.. xoxo

I am facebook frind and asked to review her wigs here and I don not mind.
Review for Linda:
I own the 32 inch new one that came to me 2 days ago.
I tell you when took this into the salon here in my area,
They asked me where dod you get this?
I tell themMs. Linda Tstamay on ebay. They asked me cost pay and I tell them. They ask me for her usear id name and how to talk to you. They maybe email you or contact you thru the auctiosn.
Anyways, they were pretty imnpressed, since they sell same long ones around 3 thousand=that is on sale. Linda Im very imnpressed and happy .
Think you have a long time cistomer here. And Happy to review you.
Mo., Brooklyn NY
hi, ok, yes i do that, but today i got in 24 wigs, i only have the ones i listed on ebay,
i sent all the rest to gina.. (mod) so , yes shes bias.. she needs my ass. (lmao)but post here , i certainly dont mind.. omg, im not a monopoly.. and there are plenty other sites you can post on.

(it is better to be an optimist and proven folly than to be a pessimist and proven right)  or its better to have fun and enjoy the heck 100% out of this life,, and dont give 2 craps  about what anyone thinks about you.
they are not living your life,, you are,, remember that. take any criticism against you, and scream it out loudly as you dance around in a circle.. laughing out loud and yelling... im soooooo glad im me,,, and not themmmmm heheeh (food for thought) and,
if your driving and ppl piss u off,,  doodle the circus song,, out loud... it works...  heeeeeeeeee it works
i feel like i own this forum , lol
i dont, but will someone else post please?
new video if u want one, you can get em very cheap, im willing to do 349 yep or maybe better, but
im considering it,,

hey another review
Dear tstmary,
I'm not on fb right now -- otherwise I'd "like you". (Was getting too many emails from them). I really like the last wig I got from you a couple months ago -- its nicer than my 3K Yaffa lol. Want one for working out and one for going out. If I can get a better deal great...but I can't sign into fb right now. Bon  
- bo****05

From: tstmary
To: bo***5
Subject: Re: Other: bo*05 sent a message about EUROPEAN kosher SHEITEL HUMAN HAIR WIG VIDEO 28 LONG 4 AND 6 440$ #221140967179
Sent Date: Oct-15-12 18:06:23 PDT
Dear b********05,
sure i are you my friend on face book ?
WOW, Linda the density is PERFECT  for my preference and the hair quality looks amazing --  BUT --- the color I know for sure is too light for me. I know you say the hair looks lighter in your videos than in person, but on my computer your videos come out the same color as they look in person. So I sent you an e-mail about the possibility of me coloring it, but I'm afraid they dye will also color the multidirectional (fake) scalp, and also I just don't know if I want to take the chance of messing it up--the scalp in particular. So let me know what you think. Cause I really want one in this density but I know the color won't work for me. So argh I don't know if you can get me another--the same but darker and more ashy. Like a very ashy 4 color or a 2/4 ashy. Beth
Thanks Linda. I am like HUBBA HUBBA and drooling over that density. Does anyone else out there love the lower density wigs --like I do? I just feel it is so incredibly natural and you really don't feel it on your head, IMO it's the most like what one's own hair would feel like. But anyway yes Linda I really want another one just like that density. My ideal color is like an ashy 4 or an ashy 2/4 or even a 2. But I need that 2-4 range and no red. (and smallish cap 21.5 and all hand tied). So yeah, either from the upcoming batch or a new order. Either way, but I gotta have it. lol. Beth

Hi Wig addict I Spanish/Italia & prefer thincker hairs. I have had tied wigs that are good too, But with my thick hair when is  under my cap , is not good I feel is too thick make my head too big. I like the cap with wefs or machine because It thicker some feels better for me. Thick hair is whey I like mongolina  hair or the Italian thicker Mongolina hair, I see the new wig for you in fvideo but the hair too thin fine for me. Is for americanas  I have hard time find new wigs are going to be too thinnish for me. I really hope thick hair comes in too. I provide for my family when my sister has hair problems, need wigs. I have other friends wearing wigs. I used to hair loss suport group and know lots of women, diffrent hair I need to help them find. I will also try the new ones becaouse I can sell them when I canot wear them for me. They look nice. No shops for wigs wher I live. One is hour drive, very expensive for good hair is 1500 dollar for some of the wig not long hair when drive all the way for a hour jus to get  there.  I buy wig years ago for 1500 is bald now.

I want to comment that Marsha is excellent on the piano.
Is that Marsha posts in other hair loss forums? I think I know of her from other forums postings.
You dont that small or short. Maybe its sitting down, but your a wonderful piano player. And if you get video playing vioin I would love to see that one too. Do you play alot at home? I always wanted to learn an instrument. Just with kids, etc. had no time.

Few different things on my mind:

OK I keep looking at the new low density all hand tied and I just wish the color was going to work for me, because that density is amazing and I also do love the hair quality and length. Everything is exactly what I want -- but for the color. I wish that color would look good on me, but I know from over the years wearing different hair colors, that I just feel I look my best in medium to dark browns and ashy. But Linda you just have to get me that same one in the 2-4 range ashy. I'll pay more if I have to. Really, cause I gotta have it.

Yeah, Rosa, I know a lot of people do like more density. I have read on sheitel forums where some women really want tons of density--the more the better for some. But I see on alopecia world's website that a lot of people like less density too. A lot of people end up having their wigs thinned and it's still too much. So I guess everyone is definitely different when it comes to hair and wigs.

Last but not least, Marsha you are so talented. I wish I could play an instrument like that. I have a decent singing voice--I wonder sometimes if I could be in a local community musical with amateur performers. I would have to play the grannie though, or the middle aged frumpy mom with beautiful hair.

I'm waiting to see the hand tieds too!

Linda, expect an email from my young friend Daffidazey, I've been telling her about your fabulous quality and value!
Thanks Linda. Fingers crossed that the new order comes in with that really low density again. Cause I'm foaming at the mouth here.    ---- And maybe in time for Thanksgiving, so I can show it off.  Why don't any smiley icons have hair?    

I'm wondering to other forum members here--maybe, maybe -- women with alopecia prefer low density in keeping with how their hair would be or used to be, while women wearing for religious reasons and who otherwise have their own full head of hair like more density ???? The reason I'm thinking that is that I noticed on sheitel forums women tend to talk about wanting lots of density but on the alopecia world website women talk about needing to get their wigs thinned and how wigs have too much hair. I'm not sure, just thought I'd put it out there for discussion. I imagine there are plenty of exceptions to my theory though.
Marsha Lampert MBA MS

Thanks to all of you,ESPECIALLY MY DEAR BELOVED LINDA(who ''recorded'' the video for me)
,for the wonderful feedback on my piano performance & for being allowed to have my piano video posted here for all of you to enjoy.
Please note that I was wearing a stunningly gorgeous ''princess style'' EXTRA LONG 28 IN European Human Hair handtied  wig that I recently purchased from Linda. It has been altered/resized/dermafixed
to create a perfect tight secure firm ''hold grip secure  fit'' even during extremely vigorous/strenuous music playing.So those of you who love energetic activities like Tennis/Golf/Swimming etc   can rest assured that Linda's wigs will stay on very snugly !

"I'm wondering to other forum members here--maybe, maybe -- women with alopecia prefer low density in keeping with how their hair would be or used to be, while women wearing for religious reasons and who otherwise have their own full head of hair like more density ???? The reason I'm thinking that is that I noticed on sheitel forums women tend to talk about wanting lots of density but on the alopecia world website women talk about needing to get their wigs thinned and how wigs have too much hair. I'm not sure, just thought I'd put it out there for discussion. I imagine there are plenty of exceptions to my theory though".

I'm one of those exceptions, Beth. I like height at the top of the piece to lengthen and give shape to my round face. With many wigs these days they are too flat for my liking; even though I have my stylist cut in a diamond shape that is supposed to add volume, if there's not much hair there in the first place, that has limited success.
So it's heavier density for me, please.
Woa, I did not realize you had that artistic ability. I thought you just sold wigs. Beautiful and looks so realistic.
I had tried to paint things around the house , however the effort was to much. It seems easy enough, until you begin, then , you realize, what have I  gotton myself into? My husband says he will eventually get to it, however we know how that story ends.
I would love you to come do my doors, but I bet you are not interested to travel a few hundred miles or so would you ? I have seen some really bad faux work, yours is fantastic. And, listen, I know that is major hard work. I have great respect for what you do, and  your sheitels are fantastic too. Thank you for sharing, I had to copy and paste the link into the browser, the link itself was not working.
Just fyi. And forget Sarina, she is obviously disturbed and has too much time on her hands I for one see right thru her. Seeing her photo , says alot about a person, your right about the eyes.
Linda its clear Rosa is right. Honey, sounds to me, they are wanting  intimidating you to quit selling wigs for some reason. I know you mention about hiring an investigator  yes maybe it could give you insight. 
I probobly would do it. It could be a competetor too.?
They could be dangerous, you never know. I think you have acquired some real nuts. or one real nut.
Either way, I could care less what anyones posted or said, I got to know you during the first miniute of your video. Who cares about what anyone says or posts.
I especially enjoy serina posting, I just have high principals. Wow, do you think crazy people also know how crazy they are? Or how they look to others? If she had a clue, she would move to a cave, Serina is a classic Narcissist. I can say for 100 percent certainty. (Psych major). Do not worry about  it.  Ignore is the key,  Ignoring them will make them crazier than they are now I can promise.  If they cannot get a rise out of you, they will go onto another "victim". Trust me.
Honey, sounds to me, they are wanting  intimidating you to quit selling wigs for some reason.

I thought exactly that when I read the posts earlier. They are trying to blacken your name and stress you out (1) to push you into retaliation and (2) also to stop selling wigs - and probably for no other reason than their spite and vindictiveness.

Linda, I know how horrible it is to be on the receiving end of such vileness but please, please try to bat it off, these people must be severely damaged to have to resort to such dirty tricks.

Your good customers know who and what you are and, as they keep coming back for more, you're doing something right!
Marsha Lampert MBA MS

Just wanted to let all of you know what I have done this week  to help Linda get good professional  respect & formal legal recognition for her & her sheitel business:
I have motioned the Judge to grant Linda consent to be such a legal court expert testimony witness
on Alopecia wigs & Alopecia Harassment ,as I am confident she is well-qualified to testify.,and know she will do a great job ! -Marsha

oh marsha, im happy to do what  i can to help you out, your a great gal, and it will be my pleasure, i dont consider myself an expert at anything, but being very "folly"...however, i know a thing or two.. i call it "jack of all trades, master at none" works for me.. lol
now, for payback ---i have a plane ticket for you ,,,to go up to visit someone in michigan (top secret) and ... well, instructions are in a briefcase only openable by you, and only you , and then after you read the instructions in the briefcase, it will self destruct , after it asks you if you will accept this mission.
the mission will be top secret.... but when you return,
i will have no more stalker/harrassers..

good idea, huh,, lol.... hey,,,,,, i can dream cant i  ???? of course im joking!!!, kidding-- ha ha!! , not really mean it,, but  hey, ,,,, i can dream cant i ?? pretty please,,

but, seriously marsha i will be happy to help you out any way possible, i will do my best and thats all i try to do in life, we all should... imagine, imagine all the people living life in peace, you may say that im a dreamer, but im not the only one, hope someday others will join us, and the world can live as one..
omg im so tired, going to sleepy now.. xooxoxo
I hear you girlfriend. I have been ripped off so many times in my life --- even through being a victim of white collar crime I lost a lot of money. I usually have been very passive aobut it--I've never filed a law suit, I should have. I usually just gave up --"learned helplessness" as it is called. Fail so many times and you stop trying. I feel like I have "sucker" written all over me. It makes me feel helpless and unempowered at times.

You do such beautiful painting work. That is unconscionable that those clients did not pay. Yeah, they have no conscience. It sucks. Do what you have to do to get your money. I'm thinking small claims court--they they can look like a fool in front of a judge.

I hope there's kharma in the world, but I'm not sure if there is.

 @ Linda ...."i ordered some diffrent shades so you will definitly be happy with something, and franni, in the uk, you may want a lighter shade, so i wont forget franni in the uk , MWAHHHH thanks Linda, heavier density, small size, colour 12- ish for me please ...... and, maybe danielle, i havent had lg caps yet, so i havent forgotton about danielle in uk either,xoox ....and MWAHHHHH from Dannii too, large cap, long hair and colour 2-ish!!
My husband has been to the Phillipines. He says it's awful--piles of garbage, dirty, smelly, sewers all over. Doesn't sound good. My husband works on ships--The Phillipino guys always wanted him to bring American items over for them to buy. So all-in-all, I think you can find somewhere better to visit. But just my opinion.

P.S. Next year when I get a place in Miami, I was thinking maybe I can help you do some sheitel shows at temples in Boca--so that will be like an hour drive for each of us once I'm back in Miami.... I'm not trying to become a wig seller. I just think it would be fun to be your assistant for shows and get to hang out. You know they have showings/sales at temples especially before the holidays. With my last name they'd never turn me away. lol. I'd actually prefer to assist with alopecia suffererers who haven't been able to find realistic wigs. It would be fun to turn them on to your wigs. If not, when I move to Miami, maybe we can meet up in Boca on occasion for lunch. Would love to hang out with you. Marsha, you need to share Linda. LOL.

We're planning to get a place in Miami around next spring, so it'll be a while, but I'm glad you like the idea. I've never been to a sheitel showing at a synagogue so I don't know how they work, but I know they have them. The 3K wig companies have them because I had planned to go to one once--but I never did. I can't recall which company was doing the showing at the temple. It might have been Milano or Shuly. I''ll try to go to one of the synagogue sheitel showings one of these days so I know how they work--like do we bring mirrors, do people pay cash, do we put the pieces on their heads or do they just look at them on mannequins, etc. Things we will need to know cause I have no idea. Have you ever shown them at a synagogue? Then I'm thinking too if we can advertsie somewhere for free to alopecia women in South Florida we could do a showing for them too--at my place or your place. Well anyway just ideas for the future--still a ways off, but could be fun and hopefully make some money and make some people who buy them very happy. Beth
Marsha Lampert MBA MS
Hi ! I wanted to let those of you in LI/NYC/5BOROS+Surrounding NY areas know that I am arriving at LGA NY - US AIRWAYS Late Sun Afternoon Oct 28th,& staying at a friend's home in Hicksville LI NY for a week.
I was blessed to get a FREE roundtrip airline ticket (Mercy Medical Airlift/US Airways) to travel from FLA
to see the #1 world expert in my rare cerebellar-vestibular  disease,in LI NY As there is nobody in Fla that can treat me. (I have this disease over 30 years,& due to it,I lost my head hair in Fall  2011 & wear wigs 24/7 even to bed)I do NOT know other alopecia wig wearers in NY/LI. My email is  I can email my cellphone# to whomever wants to see me during this 1 week trip. I will be bringing several of my wigs with me(I wear wigs 24/7 even to sleep in) ESPECIALLY MY NEW 28INCH LONG European Human Hair handtied one from LINDA(TSTMARY), I thought it might be a lot of fun to meet some of you New Yorkers who wear wigs ,as I was born in NYC IN Fall 1963 & only moved to South Fla 8 yr ago & don't know any NY wig wearers. I cannot afford to rent a car in NY this time but can use taxis busses & trains to get around. I would also love to see NY Wig places but don't want to go alone,it's a lot more fun to go with others. I am also  hoping to find somewhere I can practice PIANO during my NY trip,for free(some of you have seen my recent solo piano performance youtube video)
-Marsha Lampert MBA MS
Alopecia Sheitel/Wig wearer 24/7,for 1 yr,Customer of Linda(TSTMARY)
Owner of 28 in long European HH Wig from Linda(TSTMARY)


marsha, have fun in ny i think im going up next yr, omg i am so jealous your going to my favorite place in the world. oh the subway, oh times square, omg, chinatown, canal street, i am sooooo jealous. hope you have a great trip and take lots of pictures , ok?? get one of you next to the bull near wall street ! love that bull.. lol... and wash your wigs nice and blow dry them out pretty, they will look fabulous.. xooxoxxo


Linda,don't be too envious/jealous of me going,This is NOT a pleasure joy trip for me,
it is a trip filled with SCARY ''YUCKY'' medical/dental procedures tests scans xrays etc.NOT PLEASANT AT ALL. It is to see the top world experts in my rare disease & its complications/side effects,SOME OF WHICH ARE LIFE THREATENING(LIKE HEART STUFF)
Yes,it's fun to travel to the ''Big Apple'' but not for the reason I am going
@WigAddict "Then I'm thinking too if we can advertsie somewhere for free to alopecia women in South Florida we could do a showing for them too--at my place or your place. Well anyway just ideas for the future--still a ways off, but could be fun and hopefully make some money and make some people who buy them very happy. Beth"

What a great idea, Beth. We women with hair loss sure could use a service like you describe with quality hairpieces like Linda sells. If and when this happens, it would be great to fly over to attend (a couple of us have already come to NYC to visit Brooklyn's wig vendors, that just shows how abysmal the UK's wig supply is and how much we need Linda's services here!)
@ TSTMary " my friend thats jewish in boca did a showing, and about 30 ppl came, all ages, mom's with their kids, etc, and it was pretty chaotic, i brought about 20 pieces and put on heads and rested on chairs and she had a big mirrored wall, so that helped, but ppl were grabbing them and putting them on, they were falling on the floor i was trying to pick them up and brush them, and then another on the floor , questions they were asking me all at once, and i was so confused, it was 3 hrs went by like 10 miniutes, i was like, omg, what just happenned here,, lol.. i had some sales, and ppl were all interested to buy more, but cap did not fit, color was off a shade, something,, lol.. so, you really need to bring alot of variety with you and not put out all at once, just a few and then say individually what color , cap, etc and try and find them one they r looking for , because you cant really keep track as one is putting it on, and 3 ppl are all asking u questions, its a crazy feeling, and your also trying to protect them, and keep your eyes on them,, lol."

This reminds me of how a friend describes her experience with a well known vendor's sale days in the US, where the wigs are literally in bags or bins and you have to rummage through to find something that suits - what sacrilege to treat wigs in such a way!

What happens in the UK with a particular vendor is that you go to see her and she then gets out from her bins only what she thinks you need!
Personally, I think that's slightly restrictive for the buyer and limits personal choice and any potential change of style.
But, on the other hand, I understand why she does it if it protects her valuable $3000 stock from being pulled around and possibly de-valued by over enthusiastic buyers.
So I think your idea of assisting the customer, and showing wigs hand picked by you but based on the client's individual requirements, is a sensible middle route for you both.
Seems to me that one of you is not enough at such shows! Oh, I wish I lived nearer, I'd be another assistant with Beth!!

Good luck with your mediical tests in NYC, Marsha.
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